Chester County, PA
Department of Emergency Services

Units Out of Service

Last Updated 12/13/2019 4:51:01 PM screen will refresh every 60 seconds

Unit ID Comment Status Out Time Unit Type
AMB442OOS12-10-2019 15:18:55AMB
ENG251OOS12-11-2019 09:21:27ENG
ENG541OOS12-12-2019 14:57:29ENG
FM102OOS12-11-2019 14:28:06FMC
MIC842MONTCOSAU12-13-2019 13:36:16MIC
RES23MECHANICALOOS12-11-2019 19:17:38RES
RES61OOS12-13-2019 09:38:30RES
SQD53OOS11-01-2019 17:34:56SQD
TCT39STA35SAU11-26-2019 18:42:34TCT
TKR23OOS12-07-2019 10:40:12TKR
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